About us

Our Philosophy

AGC believes in customer service. Our customers rely on us to bring our professional expertise, our commitment to quality, and our industry experience to each and every project. Any mechanical contractor can hang a stick of pipe, anchor an air handler, or startup a pump. But, not every mechanical contractor has the commitment to the long-term success of its customers that we pride ourselves on.

About Us

AGC is able to consistently deliver customer service because we have engineers and project managers that know how to ask questions and know how to listen. When we begin each project, we engage with the customer to communicate the project goals and constraints. Throughout the design and construction process, we look out for the customer's interest by initiating discussion about design issues early and often to minimize change costs and schedule impacts. We do not sit back and wait for the customer to ask for help. We actively look for ways to assist both the customer and the project team to achieve mutual success.

For AGC, customer service sometimes means offering solutions to unique problems that the typical mechanical contractor would consider outside their scope of work. For instance, we developed a complete testing and documentation program for fire/smoke dampers to help hospitals meet JHACO maintenance requirements. And, on several occasions, we have evaluated sound and vibration problems in existing buildings, recommended solutions, and implemented the solutions in the field.

AGC's track record of customer service is proven by the long-term relationships that have been developed with both owners and general contractors. We would love for you to join our growing network of satisfied customers.

AGC Inc.

AGC Leadership

AGC Incorporated
Randy Attaway

Vice President

Manages AGC projects and supports business development activities.

AGC Incorporated
Beth Guinnane


Manages AGC projects and office administrative activities.

AGC Incorporated
Tony Volpi

Project Manager / Owner

Manages AGC Projects and provides piping expertise.

AGC Incorporated
Jun Yamaguchi

Project Manager / Owner

Manages AGC projects and provides sheetmetal expertise.

AGC Incorporated
Jon Mohs

President and CEO

Leads AGC’s project management group and organizes business development activities.

AGC Incorporated
Renee Hazel


Oversees all financial and accounting activities.

AGC Incorporated
Keith Anderson

Piping Superintendent

Manages field manpower for the piping trades and controls field installation quality.

AGC Incorporated
Danny Martinez

Sheetmetal Superintendent

Manages field manpower for the sheetmetal trades and controls field installation quality.

AGC Inc.

Our History

AGC, Inc was founded at the end of 2000 by the current principals, Randy Attaway, Beth Guinnane, Tony Volpi, and Jon Mohs. At that time, we had collectively accumulated over 100 years of experience in various aspects of the industry, including commercial/industrial HVAC, process piping, cleanrooms, labs, biotech facilities, and hospitals. We were experienced in engineering/design, estimating, project management, field supervision, permitting, and project closeout. We believed that we could provide a level of service and experience to the industry that was rare for a small startup mechanical contractor.

Since that time, we have steadily grown as a company and have proven that indeed we do provide the high level of service that is required by today's clients and general contractors. We have worked on many projects, small and large and have repeatedly delivered professional, on-schedule, and in-budget results. This, we believe, is the result of our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

We understand that we cannot be successful unless our clients are successful. So, we work hard to uncover project issues early and offer well-informed, budget-conscious solutions. We work hard to maintain excellent relationships with our material and equipment suppliers so that we can get work done quickly and efficiently. And, we work hard to develop wide-open communication lines with our clients to maximize alignment with project goals and accelerate feedback from the rest of the project team.

Mission Statement

To build environments where human aspiration can thrive in education, research, technology, and health.

- AGC Team